Debate until the end!

Today, at the morning we were pleased to host two coordinators from Progressive Zentrum. They told and showed us how the British Parliamentary Style functions. I would like to note that we got a lot of practical and useful information. The lesson had two parts: Firstly we were taught how to debate in a right way. What tools to use ? What arguments to apply? How to say it in clear way? What language to use?

After a practical session, we had a chance to take part in British Parliamentary Debate and applied acquired knowledge in practise. We were two teams, each of us had the topic, that had to be argued by us and each had a specific role in the debate. We discussed about creating a unified history school curriculum in EU countries, Yes or no? The Debate gave us an opportunity to share ideas, and then defend it. I strongly believe, gained knowledge would be definitely applied in professional career and every day life.

In the afternoon bloc we had to create a campaign. The theme was: Design your message to the Europeans! We were allowed to pick any topic we discussed so far during this seminar: So we had the choice between what it means to be European, the limits on freedom of speech (hate speech), digital revolution and social media, civil liberties and security or on the future of the EU. We were provided with any sorts of material: posters, stickers, magazines, ropes, pink lines, glue, markers,…LET THE CREATIVITY BEGIN! This time, we worked in national teams. We had a Czech, a Polish and a German group.

To working in our national groups was actually really interesting. It was the first time we did so. During the presentation was nice to see, that some campaigns would not work in another country and many other things.

The first presentation was made by Germans. They offered a very nice website, which should stop the problem of the hate speech. The target group were students at the high schools and they would like to make workshops there about certain topic.

The second presentation was presented by the polish group. They came with a project called “Lets talk!”. Their idea was offering people to discuss and critise the European Union. This should be a platform to show their opinions and to be aware of what the people found bad about the EU in the time we have to stand in a EU skeptical times. This idea found the audience controversial and we doubted if the EU would have interests into financing this project. Nobody likes to be critised.

The last presentation was created by the Czechs. They provided as their idea called: Don’t forget, what you get! The main goal was to remind people of the benefits, which brings them a membership in EU. They declaired that we used to forget about all the good things, which were not usual before. And still – the EU is a project full of bureaucracy, but is better to fill up the forms and debate about something than to make war. Their banner was nicely pink.