Let’s debate. Follow us in Berlin!

In our opinion today’s seminar was by far the best one. The debate by Tanya and Christina was very engaging, quick-paced as well as a whole new experience for all of us. For the next time it would be better  to have a second round in order to built on our experience and not to repeat our mistakes. Moreover, it would be a great idea to discuss our impressions after the first round. Even so think we faced a problem of misunderstanding of the term on the topic we discussed. Maybe batter can explain it before for the quality of debates.

Nevertheless, we spend a great time together and learned new competences.

The afternoon session got us working on our message to the Europeans. It turned out to be very amusing, because everybody understood the task differently and the groups were allowed to chose their own topic. The German group prepared a project about hate speech entitled: BE AWARE, BEWARE of hate speech . It was well structured and deeply thought out. The Polish group focused on the necessity to foster dialog and a creative platform to discuss critical and controversial topics. The citation by Carl Sagan “If something can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by by the truth “ was transformed into a slogan “Let’s talk”. The Czech group wanted to promote the awareness of the benefits we Europeans enjoy in the EU: to appreciate and value them since we tend to forget that they cannot be taken for granted.

All in all the penultimate day of the seminar was the most interactive one, we think everybody in our seminar group found this day so productive in general, so useful  and really enjoyable for all of us.

As a closing senses we would like to say thanks for organization and care about us, to make those day so memorable and for sure we will use knowledge we get on the seminar in our professional field.