Opening the stage for different views…


The Topic:

Good and Bad Communication in Europe


The destinations:

The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation & the magazine DIALOG; the Czech Centre Berlin

The speakers:

Editor, project coordinator, journalist, freelance writer, and consultant

The story:

On Monday morning, our quest for a better understanding of freedom of speech led us via S7 and a short walk to the office of the Polish-German Magazine DIALOG. Here Sabine Stekel, one of the editors, shared her insights on over 15 years of experience in a bilingual magazine with us.



Publishing all articles in German and Polish, DIALOG is not only focusing on issues of German-Polish- and Jewish- cooperation but expands its field of interest to relations within Europe as well. As an independent institution, it has its established place within expert groups dealing with the German-Polish relations.

Mrs. Stekel answered all our questions, especially those concerning the change within Polish society in a well-reflected manner and gave us much food for thought.

DIALOG shares its location with the Foundation for Polish-German relations, so immediately after the first talk we got introduced into the work of the foundation by Karolina Fuhrmann, the German project coordinator. We got to know the operating principles of the foundation, as well as its financing: Originally coming out of the Jumbo Money loan Germany granted Poland after 1990, it was funded to promote the bilateral relations and lives up today from the interest of this loan.



From there we headed to the Czech Centre (located in the Czech embassy), having a lunch break on the way.  The Director of the Czech Centre, Dr. Tomas Sacher welcomed us warmly and gave us a brief introduction into the working of the center. This was followed by an insightful view about being a freelance journalist in Germany and the Czech Republic. Dr. Sacher’s insights also included an overview over the Czech media landscape, a topic that enriched and completed our trinational discussion.



The last input of the day was given by Dr. Yasmina Banaszczuk a freelance writer and consultant working for the vice magazine. She shared with us her opinion on hate speech, fake news and propaganda. Especially her approach on how to distinguish propaganda work from bad editing and her pointing out that we all have a weak spot, gave us a lot to think about.


After an eventful day, the reflection session after dinner helped us to organize our thoughts and prepare the blog.