SExI arguments for the EU

On our last day in the EAB we dived into argumentation structure and debating. Christina and Tanja, two master students who have been participating in debating competitions for six years, introduced us to the art of making a good and relevant argument. In an interesting and diverting workshop we learned how to make a SExI-structured argument (Statement, Explanation, Illustration) and then make it relevant. Afterwards we put theory in to praxis by debating in two smaller groups, following the rules of the British Parliament Style. The morning passed-by in no time with everybody enjoying the, for most of us, new way of dealing with a controversial topic.



After lunch and a short sunbath in the garden of the academy it was time for us to become creative ourselves. The task was to come up with our message to the Europeans and a way how to present it in a campaign. Split into the three national groups many different materials were used to create posters for OUR own projects. Sensibilising the youth for the danger of hatespeech was the topic of the German group. The Poles took up the cudgels for a self-critical platform of the European Union. The idea behind it was to not leave the critical approach on EU matters to the nationalist and destructive forces.



The Czech group found a harmonious end, reminding in a colorful poster of the positive side and freedoms which have been won by the membership in the European Union. The discussion following each poster pointed out the different perception of Europe in different memberstates and that not all the European values are necessarily accepted and practiced in every country.



Now we are looking forward to our intercultural evening, where we will dwell in typical national music and indulge national food and drinks (no details).