Surveing the power of mass media. Follow us in Berlin!

Exploring Berlin. Meeting people from various countries, different origin and descent. Getting an insight view of journalist work. Comparing, disagreeing, discussing. This is a brief sum-up of our first days at the European Academy Berlin.

The first day of the workshop was the most laid-back one. It was devoted just to get to know each other better. The ice-breakers allowed us to learn our names just the same day (wow!). We appreciated the warm welcome: the atmosphere was congenial.

The next day we got a chance to talk to Mr Moltke from Though we were expecting  more insight about the profession, his daily challenges that journalists face – but that came the day after, during the visit of Mrs. Olga Chladkova.

We differ in our opinions on both sessions. For two of us the class of Mr. Moltke wasn’t informative as to his background, experience, expertise. Yet Diana thinks it was a really good, practical session, because as she studies political science, she has never been familiarised with this field, and in her opinion it was a good thing to get to know how to do an interview.

Mrs. Olga Chladkova session met our expectations as to the meeting with a journalist – once again, for the two members of the group. This classroom gave us a chance to know how the work of journalist actually looks like in Germany. Diana saw it differently. According to her, it would be better to a broader introduction and explain the terms she used, since some of them were not familiar to us. In Diana’s opinion Mrs. Chladkova did not answer the questions directly, not getting to the point.

A trip to Berlin on the second day of workshop was one of the highlights of the seminar, though at first we felt a little confused as to the task, since we did not see the connection between the places we were about to visit and the question we were supposed to answer. Still, we liked that the rules weren’t strict as to the structure and specific outcome. In fact the next day we realised that each of the groups understood the task differently – for the benefit of the whole exercise. The presentations were diverse, focusing on different facets of the problem, showing different approaches to the task.

After those three days we are looking forward to experience more.