The day of Polish-German cooperation

This morning, we were invited to the office of DIALOG, a German-Polish magazine which is published by the German-Polish Association. Topics were the Polish German relations, the media landscape in Poland and the current situation on freedom of press. The media landscape in Poland compared to Germany as Mrs. Stekel, editor of DIALOG, reports is quite polarized. You are either on the one side, or on the other. During the Q&A session, it turned out that the situation with freedom of press in Poland seems to be very dramatic. Oppositional journalists in national media have a hard time keeping their job. Furthermore Mrs. Stekel reported, that after the change of the Polish government it got more difficult to reach journalists who want and are allowed to write articles for DIALOG. The whole polarisation and politicisation also impacts personal relations between Poles and Germans. The question for the future now could be, whether the personal relations are stronger than the relations on the political level. Mrs Stekel unfortunately had to tell us, that politics can have an immense impact on personal relations. Let’s hope, that the personal friendships will stay on such a strong level, for the sake of the German-Polish relationship.

Our next meeting was with Mrs. Karolina Fuhrmann, the Project Coordinator of  the Foundation for Polish German Cooperation. The main aim of the foundation is supporting good relations an fruitfull cooperation between the Germans and Poles. Mrs. Karolina told us how does the foundation work. They are financing the projects as for example the scholarship GFPS or the magazine DIALOG.

After the lunch we ate in the park near the river and we went to the Czech center. It is actually in the same building like the Czech embassy. This place offers foreigners sever events to show the czech culture. To answer our curious question tried the director of the Czech Center in Berlin Tomáš Sacher. We spoke about the czech media and we made comparation.

The last discussion of the was with Yasmina Banaszczuk. The point she made was a very good one and I wonder why society hasn’t focused on the issue yet: Education and training on how to use media and put the constant masses of information we are confronted with into a context and how to filter and deal with it. My thoughts and questions that came to my mind: Is that manageable? If so, how? Will just education and training be enough. And if we don’t train (well) enough, can the mass media and social networks with its filter bubbles be a potential danger which can dissolve the current state of society?

After the whole day, we were all quite tired.